Companies Worldwide Now Hold 1.6 Million Bitcoin

2021-08-26 22:07:00

The latest report by Bitcoin Treasuries shows that companies around the globe currently hold 1.6m bitcoin as digital assets. More specifically, they now share exactly 1.660.473 bitcoin. This consequently equals to 7.91% out of the total 21 million bitcoins currently in circulation. And goes to show that there is a bitcoin race at the moment which shows no signs of slowing down.

It is safe to say that MicroStrategy is still undisputed when it comes to holding bitcoins assets. With a massive 75% of the company’s total market capital in bitcoin, this software intelligence provider definitely leads the way. That equals to 108.991 bitcoin at the moment, or a whopping $5.1b. Thanks to perfectly utilizing trading strategies such as DCA and HODL, MicroStrategy is constantly profiting from bitcoin.

As a matter of fact, just yesterday they bought 3.907 bitcoin for a sum of $177m in cash. Eventually turning their initial $3b bitcoin purse into a $5b worth of digital assets. This makes the company’s entire bitcoin stock worth $7.12b. Consequently, MicroStrategy holds 0.52% out of the total bitcoin amount. Which is a crazy 180% increase.

Coming in second is the automotive giant Tesla with 43.200 bitcoin. That amounts to just above $2b. It is good to mention that Tesla acquired the majority of its bitcoin assets in the beginning of 2021. And ever since then, the company is on a constant mission to increase their bitcoin assets.

The third company with most bitcoin holdings is Square with more than 8k bitcoin. This equals to around $374m. Fourth place is for Marathon Digital Holdings with 5.425 bitcoin, or nearly $245m. Finally, the fifth place is for the leading US exchange, Coinbase. They round the group with 4.487 bitcoin, or around $210m.

The news that the companies around the world now hold 1.6m bitcoin just shows the direction we are heading. And that is definitely towards a fully-digital society. With crypto integrated in every aspect of our everyday life. That is why the big companies are just trying to make some money before we see the real crypto-regulations worldwide.

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