Coinbase Leads The Way As The Number One Financial Application With More Than 300% Increase In Dowlnoads

2021-09-17 19:31:23
Coinbase Strong At The Top

With the crypto-mania catching on with a rapid pace, so does the number of new crypto users increase by the day. As a result, several reports indicate that crypto apps are the most downloaded financial applications at the moment. And it seems like Coinbase leads the way by being the number one financial crypto application in the world, by far.

According to Apptopia’s data, Coinbase Pro reports the biggest increase out of all crypto apps. Specifically, when it comes do the number of downloads, Coinbase notices a 300% rise just from last week alone. Binance on the other hand, Coinbase’s biggest competition, is coming in fourth.

Being the number one crypto exchange is not by accident. For that matter, Coinbase reports that they have 50 million users on their crypto platform. All registered. In addition, during the quarterly report, the company revealed more than $2b profit up to this month.

As crown for all achievements, Coinbase even went public on Nasdaq for the first time. It is ventures such as this one that consequently greatly contribute towards Coinbase’s massive popularity.

Everyone Seems To Be A Winner

Being that Coinbase is not the only one with a successful download rate, we showcase you bellow the exact percentage of each application’s download numbers.

Coinbase ProCoinbase318.85% – Professional crypto trading app and wallet
VoyagerA232.73% – Free crypto trading app, offers 60+ altcoins
ProvidersA130.02% – Electronic Benefits Transfer app
BinanceThe120.34% – Professional crypto trading app and wallet, Coinbase’s biggest rival
StashAn113.76% – Beginner investment app
CareCredit MobileAn107.56% – Healthcare services app
DasherDirect100.65% – Delivery mobile payments app
WebullAn99.43% – Crypto, stocks and other financial assets app
Truist MobileThe96.6% Digital banking services app
myWiselyA95.97% – Digital banking services app
eToroA91.66% – Professional crypto trading app

Though is rather obvious that Coinbase leads the way as the number one crypto application, the rest are doing quite good as well. Especially if you consider that the majority of high-risers are applications from the financial sector.

Consequently, serving as a proof to the fact that crypto investments are currently the number one financial activity in the world. We are eager to see if someone will manage to challenge Coinbase and their remarkable success.


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