Civic Study Shows Many Employees Quitting Low-Paying Jobs After Making Crypto Profits

2021-11-04 22:28:09
People Don’t Want To Work

According to data gathered by Civic Science, more and more employees are leaving low-paying jobs because of crypto profits. The details from the study by the analytics company show that 4% of the respondents quit their jobs to pursue ‘financial freedom’ from crypto.

Moreover, the research includes a total of 6.741 participants above the age of 18. After getting the 4%, Civic then conducted a cross-reference to compare the percentage with the annual income of 1.201 participants who quit their job as a result of crypto profits.

And the result is rather interesting.

First of all, it is fair to say that Civic does not clarify ‘financial freedom’ nor explain its true context. Also, Civic does not provide an explanation as to exactly how much crypto gains the participants made.

Civic cross-references the data with different time periods, making a specific estimate rather tricky. With that being said, take a look at the numbers below.

According to the data, a whopping 2/3 quit their job position after making ‘mad gainz’ of under $50.000. Out of that number, 27% earn under $25.000, and 37% fall in the category between $25.000-$50.000.

Furthermore, 15% of the respondents are in the category between $50.000-$75.000, and 13% are between $75.000-$150.000. Finally, there is 8% of the participants with reported income above $150.000.

Consequently, this survey attracts a lot of attention in the crypto community, regardless of the tier. In fact, even billionaire businessman Mark Cuban commented on the matter.

Wow 4% of people in the USA have quit their jobs because of crypto gains, and the vast majority made under $50k. Now we know why so many people quit low-paying jobs.

It is unclear whether the trend of employees leaving low-paying jobs for crypto profits is actually worth it in the long run. While many see that as an ideal opportunity to be free, it is always smart to have an active income.

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