CIA Officially Reveals Working On Several Cryptocurrency Projects

2021-12-09 20:47:41
CIA On Top Of Crypto

According to William J. Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the agency is already developing ‘a number of different projects focused on cryptocurrency’.

During the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Summit, an individual from the audience asked the chief of the CIA whether the agency is working on any crypto projects. And the answer is not surprising a single bit:

This is something I inherited. My predecessor had started this, [and] had set in motion a number of different projects focused on cryptocurrency.William J. Burns | Director of the CIA

Moreover, the Director explained that the CIA is more than willing to share any intelligence they have on crypto, with other government agencies.

We are trying to look at second-and third-order consequences as well and helping our colleagues in other parts of the U.S. government to provide solid intelligence on what we’re seeing as well. William J. Burns | Director of the CIA

And the reason for this monitoring is rather obvious. The number one goal with employing extensive surveillance and intel gathering is to maintain the security of the financial sector.

Cryptocurrencies could have an enormous impact on everything from ransomware attacks. Because one of the ways of getting at ransomware attacks and deterring them is to be able to get at the financial networks that so many of those criminal networks use and that gets right at the issue of digital currencies as well.William J. Burns | Director of the CIA
Already In The Game

Consequently, the reason why the CIA is so dedicated to developing cryptocurrency projects is in relation to President’s Biden war on ransomware.

In fact, back in June the President’s administration specifically included ransomware as part of the war on illegal crypto activities.

The President’s administration even went after exchanges that were ‘responsible for laundering ransoms’. Being that they helped in disposing illegally of obtained crypto assets.

And as a result of this action, two exchanges in the U.S. already received hefty fines.

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