The Bank of International Settlements Survey Shows That Up To 70% Of All Central Banks Will Soon Develop CBDCs

BIS released a report from its survey that shows nine out of ten central banks currently working on CBDCs.
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Budweiser Prepares To Launch “Budverse” As Anheuser-Busch Files For Several Metaverse Patents

Anheuser-Busch filed for Metaverse patents which consequently inspired Budweiser to announce the "Budverse" Metaverse project.
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Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin Becomes Citizen Of Montenegro

Vitalik Buterin becomes Montenegrin citizen, and will most likely help re-shape the country into a crypto hub of innovations.
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Nexo Partners With Mastercard And DiPocket To Release The Game-Changing Nexo Crypto Card

The Nexo Card is said to revolutionize the way people are purchasing cryptocurrencies first in Europe, and eventually around the World.
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ShadowBit: The Future Of Crypto Online Casinos

If you ever wondered what the future of online casino gaming looks like, check out ShadowBit casino, a crypto-oriented operator that can do it all.
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According To The Prime Minister Of Russia The Population Holds $130 Billion In Crypto Assets

More than 10 million young Russians hold more than $130 billion in crypto, including a great deal of foreigners.
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Rio de Janeiro Will Start Accepting Crypto Payments For Taxes In 2023

The second largest city by population in Brazil will accept crypto payments, but specifically for municipal taxes.
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Leaked Documents Show That The European Parliament Is Preparing To Vote Against Crypto Anonymity

Well, it seems like Europe is living its last days of crypto anonymity, after leaked documents show that the European Parliament is preparing to make all crypto transactions in the...
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The NFL Decided To Allow Teams To Partner With Blockchain Operators Under Certain Conditions

The NFL decides to cash in on the potential of blockchain by allowing clubs to participate in crypto partnerships.
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