Elon Musk Slammed With A $258 Billion Class-Action Lawsuit For Falsely Promoting Dogecoin

Elon Musk is accused of lying to the people by falsely inflating the price of Dogecoin.
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Germany Presents Its First Ever Nationwide Guide For Crypto Taxes

Germany finally presents the first official nationwide crypto guide for taxes.
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Uzbekistan Reveals The New Crypto Legal Framework And The New Official Regulator Of Its Upcoming Crypto Market

In addition to a brand new crypto legislation, the country of Uzbekistan will also have a new official financial crypto regulator.
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The Government Of Cuba Releases The Long Anticipated Crypto Decree To Regulate Digital Assets

Cuba gets a new crypto legal framework that makes the Central Bank the sole authority when it comes to digital assets.
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The Government Of South Korea Arrested The CEO Of Exec And A Military Captain For Collaborating With a North Korean Spy

South Korea caught two conspirators who were selling military grade secretes to a spy from North Korea.
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India Approved The Controversial “Financial Bill 2022” That Imposes 30% Tax On Crypto Holdings And Purchases

Despite the public opinion and the pleading from the crypto community, the Indian parliament approved the controversial bill that imposes 30% tax on everything crypto.
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The Bank Of England Reveals Pondering A Crypto Legal Framework

The Bank of England doesn't wanna leave anything to chance, and for that matter starts preparing a crypto legislation.
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EU Financial Regulators Issue Official Warning To All Crypto Holders In Europe

EU financial regulators warn all crypto holders from Europe of the risks of digital assets, and even posted it officially on the internet.
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Meet The Newly Appointed Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai signed the historic ;virtual assets law' and created an official regulator.
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