NHL Team Carolina Hurricanes Starts Acecpting Shiba Inu (SHIB), i.e. Crypto

2021-12-22 21:49:28
Hurricanes Join The Crypto Community

The NHL ice-hockey team Carolina Hurricanes will start accepting crypto payments, in particular, the Shiba Inu token.

Specifically, the North Carolina franchise will partner with BitPay, in order to process the crypto payments on the Hurricanes digital platform.

According to Don Waddell, general manager at the Carolina Hurricanes, this will drastically improve shopping for the fans. In addition to introducing them to crypto, and consequently with the crypto market.

By partnering with BitPay, we are able to establish a presence in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. And, provide our fans with increased payment flexibility.Don Waddell | General Manager - Carolina Hurricanes

Moreover, the Hurricanes state that the club is aware that many of its fans are already using crypto. And that with accepting Shiba Inu, the crypto fans of the Carolina Hurricanes can now purchase official merchandise online, with cryptocurrencies.

Considering that Shiba Inu is the best-performing digital coin for 2021, it is no surprise that this cryptocurrency is starting to be widely accepted in various industries.

Hottest Coin

And one major ‘culprit’ for this meteoric rise in popularity is definitely Elon Musk.

While the CEO of Tesla is unsurprisingly modest on this matter, the crypto community is very aware of his fondness for Shiba Inu.

That is both the cryptocurrency and the dog’s race. Being that each tweet by Elon Musk that features his dog can easily affect the price of almost all ‘dog’ coins.

Consequently, Shiba Inu is slowly becoming one of the most used cryptocurrencies on the planet. Up to such extent, that even AMC, the movie-theatre giant, revealed that they will accept Shiba Inu come 2022.

Earlier this December, Travala also integrated Shiba Inu as a payment option for its customers. And this comes from a leading crypto-travel company with over 2 million hotels.

Meaning, that this puts SHIB in an excellent position to further increase its already increasing presence.

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