Burger King Will Give Customers Crypto Rewards

2021-11-01 22:49:12

One of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, Burger King, wants to give away crypto rewards to its customers. Particularly, the food giant will partner up with Robinhood Markets, Inc., a US financial services company.

The event starts on November the 1st and will last for three weeks. All Burger King members that belong to the US Royal Perks loyalty program are eligible to get one of these awesome crypto prizes.

The only requirement is for the customers to spend more than 5 while using the company’s official app.

Burger King will reward the lucky users with one of the awards from the rewarding pool prize.

With these numbers in mind, it is clear that most of the users will end up with a dogecoin. Furthermore, rough calculations show that one in ten thousand will get ethereum and about one in 100.000 should get a bitcoin.

Regardless, at least everyone stands equal chances when it comes to releasing the rewards.

After winning, Burger King will send the designated customer an email informing them that they are eligible for their crypto prizes/rewards.

Afterwards, the only requirement in order to claim the prize is to create and use a Robinhood account for crypto. That is it.

With 31 million users in 2021, it is clear as to why Burger King went for Robinhood Markets, Inc. Yet, it seems like both parties will benefit from this cooperation.

Especially if we consider that Robinhood reported a whopping 78% revenue decrease for the third quarter.

So, embarking on this crypto adventure with Burger King seems like the best option for a comeback at this moment. And since both Robinhood and Burger King have an extensive customer database and vast experience, this project looks bound for success.


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