Burger King Enters The World Of NFTs

2021-09-21 20:52:18
Burger King & Its Very Own Tokens

Leading fast food-chain Burger King announces that it will launch its first and very own non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The upcoming campaign, ‘Keep It Real Meals’, will use NFT marketplace Sweet in order to provide a platform for the Burger King NFTs. In order to increase the demand and promote the campaign, Burger King turns to several celebrities such as Nelly, LILHUDDY and Anitta.

We can safely assume that this decision by the food-chain giant is due to the ongoing NFT-mania in every aspect of society.

In order to unlock the digital collectable assets, Burger King will provide customers with designated QR codes. Moreover, these codes will then be inserted in exactly 6 million meal boxes, making for a very convenient procedure. What makes the ‘Keep It Real Meals’ campaign lucrative are definitely the rewards.

Aside from owning a Burger King token, by obtaining one of these collectables users can win a hefty NFT reward. And according to Decrypt, the rewards are quite nice.

Customers can win several awesome rewards from a wide spectre of pries. For example, they can win unique 3D Burger King NFTs, an entire year subscription to Burger King’s legendary Whooper sandwich, and plenty of autographed products.

On top of that, some lucky customers may even win a what Decrypt like to call ‘once in a lifetime call with one of the campaign’s celebrities’. Consequently, making for an entire plethora of diverse and cool rewards.

Everyone Wants NFTs

This news about Burger King launching its first set of very own NFts is definitely in sync with the current collectables trend.

Even more so if you consider that food-chain rival Taco Bell already did that in the first part of 2021. More specifically, Taco Bell revealed partnering up with NFTs marketplace Rarible in order to offer customers access to unique Taco Bell images and GIFs.

Budweiser is another giant of a company that already started to do business with NFTs. In particular, back in August, Budweiser put an NFT inspired beer rocket as their display picture on Twitter. A digital asset that the company bought back then for 8 Ethereum. At that time, 8 ETH were around $26.000. Moreover, the company even bought an Ethereum domain for 30 ETH. That amounts to around $100.000 at the time of purchase. The domain name is beer.eth.



Even Hollywood actors are seriously starting to dwell into the non-fungible tokens. One of the news that shook the entire world is when Anthony Hopkins announced that one of his latest movies, Zero Contact, will premiere on Vuele. Vuele is a brand new, leading viewing and NFT distribution platform. Consequently making for the first-ever NFTs movie event.

And with the fast pace that NFTs are taking over every aspect of society, we will surely see many more innovations in the years to come. Something that looks bound to happen by each passing day.

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