Finally Reveals Its NFTs Marketplace

2021-12-03 23:15:25 joins the likes of, FTX and Coinbase and announces its own NFTs marketplace. This news come after the last few months where we saw a long list of digital exchanges entering the non-fungible token scene.

According to’s official statement, the company goal is to conquer the NFTs market, similar to what they do in crypto.

We want to make accessing the NFT market as easy as accessing the crypto market. With the NFT marketplace (in beta), you’ll be able to browse, buy, sell, and securely store NFTs without ever leaving your Wallet.

Moreover, revealed that users can experience their NFTs marketplace by signing up for exclusive bet access. Once there, users can use their noncustodial wallet to either ‘buy, sell and store NFTs’.

In addition, also launches a convenient feature, NFT explorer. Specifically, users can use the explorer to get any information that they want on NFTs.


Everything from floor price, current price, ownership details, sales price history etc.

Moreover, there is also a helpful announcement blog. This informative post shows how to purchase NFTs in a few simple steps, starting from scratch.

Overall, it is definitely a very helpful tool, since it teaches users how to use the platform.

The NFT venture by is right after the company’s recent acquisition in South America. In particular, the company purchased Sesocio, an Argentinian investment platform.

As a result, the total number of employees at is now at 400. And according to the company, this is only the beginning.


That is since recently expressed a desire to establish itself as a brand on that particular continent. And that is for both physical, and digital presence.

Whatever the case, this is a very exciting period for NFTs lovers. Especially since this industry is only at its beginning stages.

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