Blockbuster Announces Legendary Crypto, NFTs and Metaverse Endeavour

2022-01-26 19:34:36
Is Blockbuster Back?

The 1990’s world leader in VHS rentals, Blockbuster,  announces that it wants to enter the crypto and NFTs game. According to the official statement, Blockbuster already started a trademark application procedure with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Moreover, the application by Blockbuster states that the company is in the process of developing its own blockchain project. In particular, Blockbuster is currently working on several crypto-related ventures.

One such instance is the creation of its own digital token, which announces a new era, and would eventually start off Blockbuster in crypto and NFTs. Moreover, the company wants to develop a platform that will allow their customers to ‘receive, accept, view, purchase, sell and exchange’ non-fungible tokens.

In addition, Blockbuster also reveals plans for a possible venture in the metaverse as well. More specifically, the company has plans to start offering various entertainment options and services in the metaverse, or as they call it, unique ‘metaversal experiences’.

From Riches To Rags

If we take into account that Blockbuster went from 9000 land stores and $800 million from late-return fees to a single-shop company. And the biggest mistake is refusing Netflix‘s offer in early 2000 to allow the streaming service to increase Blockbuster’s online presence.

Today, Blockbuster is reduced to a single land store that is located in Bend, Oregon. And while it has already become the symbol of the ’90s, and a historic landmark of sorts, it is light years away from the $166 billion worth of Netflix in 2022.

Consequently, this venture is expected to launch Blockbuster back to fame. And what better way than jumping the blockchain bandwagon? It only remains to see how Blockbuster will execute the NFTs, crypto and metaverse plans for the future.

For now, the only previous experience in blockchain for Blockbuster is its parent company deal with Input Output, a Cardano developer.

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