Crypto Exchange Bitso Signs Partnership Deal With São Paulo Futebol Clube

2022-01-07 18:57:43
Bitso And São Paulo

One of the biggest Mexican crypto exchanges, Bitso, signed a three-year partnership deal with São Paulo Futebol Clube, a top flight Brazillian soccer club.

According to Bitso’s official announcement, this partnership will see the exchange as the club’s official sponsor.

Moreover, the logo of Bitso will appear both on the team’s uniforms and the stadium. In particular, the logo will appear in a specially designated area within the club’s stadium, Morumbi.

In addition, São Paulo and Bitso are also preparing to integrate crypto payments for both club merchandise, and tickets.

According to the vice president of marketing at Bitso, José Molina, the aim is to become the leading crypto exchange in Brazil. Right now, Bitso has around 3.7 million users throughout Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

However, since Bitso is ‘growing rapidly’, according to José Molina, the crypto exchange currently has around 30 jobs available in Brazil.

Considering that Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil’s leading crypto exchange, has around 3.2 million users in the country, Bitso clearly has a long way ahead.

The Rise Of Bitso

With that being said, Bitso is definitely a special case. That is because this is the first-ever crypto unicorn to exceed $1 billion in worth in South America.

In order to achieve this feat, Bitso managed to raise $250 million through Series C funding. Consequently, spiking Bitso’s worth is up to $2.2 billion.

The news about crypto exchanges and blockchain operators singing partnership deals is only increasing by the day, and São Paulo Futebol Clube and Bitso are other good examples of that fact.

Regardless of the sport or the continent, we expect this trend to only continue even more in the upcoming 2022. And that is both for crypto operators, and NFT collections.

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