Binance To Donate $10 Million To Ukraine

2022-03-01 21:33:48

The leading crypto exchange by trading volume in the world, Binance, pledged that it will donate at least $10 million dollars via crypto humanitarian actions to Ukraine. According to the official statement, Binance also started the crowdfunding initiative ‘Humanity First – Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund’, and users can donate via the Binance Charity Foundation.

Moreover, Binance reveals that all crypto donations will be divided correspondingly between both government and non-profit humanitarian organizations alike. Probably the biggest name representing the humanitarian organizations is UNICEF, a lifelong partner of Binance when it comes to crypto humanitarian aid.

Additionally, Binance will distribute part of the funds between several other agencies and organizations, including the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, People In Need and Isans. Consequently, the gathered funds will be used to assist and support children and families that were separated as a result of the conflict.

Binance states that every one that is willing to help can use their Binance Charity Foundation and donate towards this noble cause. In addition, Binance assures that all of the funds will be used to ‘help provide emergency relief to refugees and children and to support logistics on the ground such as food, fuel and supplies for refugees’.

Up to this point, there are approximately $6,825,715.22 gathered in crypto donations (155.59 BTC), out of the $20.020.836.00 end goal set by the Binance Charity Foundation. According to the official data on the foundation’s website, up to this point, there have been 401 donors, and 1650 end-beneficiaries that have donated for Ukraine, using crypto.

Moreover, there is an anonymous live list of everyone who donates, with many donors attaching messages of support for the Ukrainian people, by using the transaction. As per Binance’s official report, up to now, there have been nearly 400 transactions, with the majority of users opting for Bitcoin and Ethereum as the main means of donation.

While Binance is on a mission to donate at least 10 million dollars to Ukraine, the entire crypto community is on its feet and is literally ‘bombarding’ Ukraine with crypto assistance. In fact, up to this point, there have been more than 14.000 crypto transactions specifically for Ukraine, consequently gathering more than $10.7 million in donations from all around the world.

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