Binance Registers Fourth Company In Ireland In Just 3 Months

2021-11-23 22:31:42

After the three previous similar ventures, Binance registers yet another, fourth legal enterprise on the island of Ireland. According to the Irish Independent, Binance is very close to picking Ireland as the new company HQ.

Chanpeng Zhao, the creator and CEO of Binance, already revealed that they are still pondering to make Ireland a global HQ. The number one reason for picking Ireland as the base is due to the low taxes in the country.

In fact, many tech giants such as Google and Apple all have offices in this country. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. However, one major reason for Binance to change its mind is the new taxes that the government in Dublin is preparing to impose.

More specifically, in October the Irish government decided to increase the taxes for multinational corporations to 15%. For comparison, the previous(current) tax is at 12.5%. And this may very well be why Binance is having second thoughts on the location of the HQ.

As a matter of fact, the CEO of Binance disclosed in November that the company is looking at France as an option for the HQ offices. During the interview with the French paper ‘Les Echos‘, Chanpeng Zhao showed a clear fondness for the country.

France would be a natural choice for a regional, and perhaps even global, head office.Changpeng Zhao | CEO of Binance

Regardless of this, Ireland will still ‘host’ the fourth legal enterprise that Binance wants to register. Specifically, it is called the Binance Exchange (Ie), and it is the latest member of the Binance family in the country.

Which we must say is growing at a fast pace. Considering that just a few months back in September, the leading crypto exchange set the first three legal entities in Ireland.

Take a look at the 4 companies that Binance has registered in Ireland.

  • (APAC) Holdings
  • (Services) Holdings
  • Binance Technologies
  • Binance Exchange (Ie)

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