Binance Will Launch A Somewhat Anti-Celebrities Commercial

2022-02-02 23:14:41
Don’t Trust Celebrities

Binance is already prepared to answer its rivals and FTX for advertising during the half-time commercial segment at the Super Bowl LVI, by launching a somewhat anti celebrities advertisement that features NBA and Miami Heat star player, Jimmy Butler.

While the commercial itself is nothing out of the ordinary, the message that sends it is definitely something that created a buzz in the crypto community. In particular, the message states not to listen to celebrities when it comes to investing in crypto.

In addition to this, Jimmy Butler released a teaser on Twitter where he urges the crypto community not to listen to celebrities. More specifically, that they ‘don’t know you, or your finances’, and to simply ‘trust yourself when it comes to choosing the right crypto investment.

Binance revealed that it will air the commercial with Jimmy Butler on the 7th of February, 6 days prior to the NFL Super Bowl. However, unlike its biggest rivals and FTX, Binance won’t play the ad during the game.

Crypto Exchanges Are Spending Big Money On Ads And Endorsements

It is worth mentioning that a 30-second ad slot at the Super Bowl LVI costs somewhere around $6.6 million. received a severe public backlash for its campaign ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’, which features Matt Damon as the brand ambassador. The reason for the public anger is because compared investing in crypto, to the greatest explorations of our time.

However, despite the negative comments on social media, pretty much every single one of the major crypto exchanges turns to celebrities when it comes to promoting its brand. Especially the leading crypto exchanges that can afford big endorsement deals.

Hence the controversy considering that Binance is launching the new anti celebrities commercial with the help of the biggest star at the Miami Heat, Jimmy Butler.

For that matter, Binance further announced that their new campaign will also feature plenty of surprises for the fans. Some of these include an innovative interactive experience for the users, as well as new ‘notable’ celebrity ambassadors and partners.

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