Belarus Creates Special Electricity Tariff for Crypto Miners

2021-10-15 16:30:00
The Government Wants Distinction

After the constant worldwide electricity theft cases, Belarus decided to impose an electricity tariff specifically for crypto miners. The directive is a joint product of the Ministry of Anti-Monopoly and the Ministry of Energy.

This document classifies crypto miners in the same category as data centers. Making it abundantly clear that any excessive electricity outputs won’t be treated as an individual endeavor.

The government in Belarus issued the directive on the 27th of September. More specifically, the directive adds two groups of citizens/customers to the prior rankings.

One group is labelled as ‘ Organizations processing data, providing services for information storage and related activities, including mining and data centers’.

Furthermore, this group is additionally divided into 5 smaller sub-groups. Each of the smaller groups is further categorized depending on the amount of electricity they spend. As per the directive, this range is between 25 million kWh, up to 500 million kWh per year.

However, the directive doesn’t clarify nor provide any information concerning the electricity prices. Consequently, electricity prices are defined by completely different regulatory documents.

Belarus Walking Towards Crypto Adoption

Belarus imposing this special electricity tariff for crypto miners is definitely not a surprise. Especially if we take into account that this is one of the more crypto-oriented countries in the world.

In fact, Belarus, Cuba and Iran announced just a while ago, that they are ready to adopt bitcoin. Similarly to El Salvador making bitcoin a legal tender a couple of months back.

Moreover, even the President of Belarus encourages its citizens to invest in crypto, rather than work abroad. Meaning that the entire country is moving towards fully integrating crypto in its financial system, and consequently society.

Which, judging by the ongoing crypto-enthusiasm of Belarus, seems like something that is bound to happen.

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