BBTV Decides To Implement Crypto Payments For The Creators

2022-01-13 22:03:48
BBTV Enters The World Of Crypto Payments

The Canadian media and tech giant, BroadbandTV Corp. (BBTV), revealed that the company is in the finishing stages of implementing crypto payments for creators.

In particular, with this solution, the creators will have the option to choose in what currency they will receive the payment.

According to the official statement of BBTV, the creators will have the option to choose from bitcoin, ethereum and USDT stablecoin.

The only requirement for the creators is for them to select the designated cryptocurrency, and provide BBTV with a viable wallet address, and they will receive the money directly in their accounts.

And it seems like this idea by BBTV to implement crypto payments as a way to reimburse creators is a real hit among the community.

One such creator is Joseph Hogue, who states that this way of monetization is absolutely convenient and practical, being how much time it saves.

Being paid directly in cryptocurrency saves me time and at a minimal charge compared to the multiple transfers from my bank to different wallets.Joseph Hogue | Content Creator

As per the words of the CEO of BBTV himself, this whole idea is because the creators asked for it. And that the company is simply listening to the needs and suggestions of its creators’ community, and that is why BBTV is working tirelessly on implementing crypto payments for creators.

Creators have been really vocal about their interest in entering the Web3 revolution, and we’re very proud to lead the way.Shahrzad Rafati | CEO - BBTV
Outside Help

Moreover, BBTV employed the services of Netcoins, part of BIGG Digital Assets Inc., for the purpose of creating the media company’s crypto platform.

The CEO of BIGG, Mark Binns, states that the crypto option is a real game-changer since it enables access to unparalleled practicality.

If we take into account that this is the second crypto attempt for BBTV, it definitely looks like this venture is greatly inspired by the first experience.

That is because, in 2021, the company was involved in a funding round for Nifty’s Inc., an NFTs platform for social interactions.

And considering that BBTV operates with a number of creative minds, it is definitely no surprise that the company is at the forefront of innovation. Especially when it comes to corporations that operate in the media business department.

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