Anheuser-Busch To Launch The Budweiser Metaverse - "Budverse"

2022-04-20 01:22:01

One of the largest beer companies in the world, Anheuser-Busch, enters the Metaverse. In particular, the brewing giant from St. Louis, Missouri, filed various patented applications with the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office), related to the Metaverse. Consequently, along with this news, one of Anheuser-Busch subsidiaries, Budweiser, revealed plans to launch its very own metaverse, the “Budverse”.

Moreover, Budweiser intends to mint and release non-fungible tokens that will feature images of Bud Light beer cans. In addition, Budweiser reveals that they plan to provide several additional services in the Metaverse including support of digital art exhibitions on various virtual platforms, as well as providing online gaming services in the Metaverse.

Budweiser is definitely not a stranger to dropping non-fungible tokens inspired by beer. In November of 2021, the U.S. beer giant celebrated its rich history by minting and releasing a digital beer can NFT collection, which was also the first experience of the company with non-fungible tokens in general. Dubbed the “Heritage Collection”, the NFT sale was a massive hit, selling completely out in just one hour.

Consequently, the success of the first experience inspired Anheuser-Busch to announce the next NFT venture for Budweiser, the “Bud Light N3XT Collection”. Interestingly, we can trace the beginning of the crypto journey of Budweiser back to August 2021, when the company purchased the “Beer.eth” domain for a sum of $95.000 in Ethereum. They even changed the name of their official Twitter page to match the one from the domain.

Considering the magnitude of Anheuser-Busch, as well as the resources, the upcoming launch of the “Budverse” metaverse by Budweiser is expected to be a great success. And the same can be said for the upcoming Bud Light NFT collection, especially if we compare it with the success of the first NFT sale when the beer tokens literally disappeared in less than one hour. The only thing we need now is to get a specific date.

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