CEO Of Airbnb Reveals Plans To Start Offering Crypto Payments

2022-01-06 21:03:22
The Users Of Airbnb Want Crypto

According to Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, he received a whopping 4.000 messages/suggestions to his question on Twitter concerning what should the company launch in 2022. And interestingly, the number one response out of the 4.000, is that Airbnb should incorporate crypto payments.

Speaking about the top suggestion, the CEO revealed the exact trading volume of the company since 2013.

Moreover, he adds that crypto payments are definitely an intriguing idea and that the company is already in the process of implementing some of the suggestions.

Our existing payments volume = $336 billion processed since 2013. Crypto payments are inclusive of a variety of token ideas.Brian Chesky | CEO - Airbnb

Considering that at the time of writing Airbnb doesn’t offer crypto payments, and the fact that many businesses are already deep into crypto, this seems like a smart move for the travel giant company.

And this is something that even the CEO of Airbnb himself said in a November interview.

We are definitely looking into it. Absolutely. Like the revolution in travel, there is clearly a revolution happening in crypto.Brian Chesky | CEO - Airbnb
Keeping A Close Eye For Some Time

Additionally, Brian Chesky admits that the company still ‘monitors’ Brian Armstrong, the founder and CEO of Coinbase, especially since Armstrong is a former employee at Airbnb.

Consequently, it is no surprise that the CEO of Airbnb has strong ties with the CEO of Coinbase.

As per the words of Husky, the CEO is especially happy with the fact that more and more regular people are starting to accept crypto.

And more importantly, that crypto is really changing people’s lives for the better, by drastically improving the payment experience.

The key is when regular people understand how the new technology improved their lives, beyond the initial excitement. I’m really excited about certain applications that regular people could use to live a better daily life.Brian Chesky | CEO - Airbnb

With all of this in mind, it is safe to say that 2022 is the year when we will see Airbnb incorporate crypto payments in its offer.

Especially since we are talking about a company with more than 1 billion served customers, and more than 5.6 million listings throughout the globe.

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