Advanced Blockchain AG Makes An Investment In Obol Technologies

2021-10-19 17:14:35
The Giants Are After Obol

Advanced Blockchain AG, the blockchain payment and technological solutions giant made an investment in the Ethereum shared validator network, Obol Technologies. And they are not the only ones. In fact, several top-tier companies from the same line of work also invested in this popular open-source protocol.

Specifically brands such as Coinbase, Acrylic and Ethereal Ventures, among some of the more prominent investors.

It is safe to say that this investment will benefit both Advanced Blockchain AG and Obol Technologies. With a joint mission to take blockchain innovation to the next level, both parties strive for reaching new levels of success.

Consequently, the end goal is to create a product that will greatly improve the blockchain experience. By applying cutting edge technology and innovations, the end result should be the creation of new, beneficial features for the users.

Furthermore, this venture will also assist Obol in the goal of creating its own staking platform. More specifically, the deal will greatly improve the pace with which the company develops this technology. The sooner they develop the technology, the faster Obol can promote its services. And that is offering their staking environment, to traders and institutions around the globe.

Unique Nature

There are several key factors as to why staking environments are so popular in the blockchain world. Some of them include high resilience and high fault tolerance. Additionally, they are flexible/robust and do not require complex infrastructure to operate. Considering that Obol is an SSV (Secret Shared Validator) network, this only adds to the already convenient nature of this protocol.

Obol Technologies operates as a permissionless infrastructure protocol. Specifically, it was created for the specific purpose of staking digital assets. It comes with unique features such as incentivizing cooperation at the network level, and providing users with new primitives for network validation. This is part of the reasons why it is a go-to solution for many crypto trading entities.

As a matter of fact, their SSV network is personally commissioned by Ethereum Foundation. This, along with the key components of Obol, was enough for Advanced Blockchain AG and several other giants to invest in this promising brand.

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