There Are Currently 34.006 Crypto ATMs In The World - More To Come In 2022

2021-12-30 20:11:50
Crypto ATMs On The Rise

2021 was definitely a good year for crypto, and that applies to almost every sector of the blockchain, including crypto ATMs. As a result, more than 20.000 crypto ATMs were installed worldwide, making for a total of 34.006 devices at the moment of writing.

As per the data by Coin ATM Radar, the ATMs are located in 77 countries. And while this means that the crypto ATMs are available in almost every part of the world, North America and Europe are the two continents with the biggest number of such devices, by a margin.

In particular, out of the 34.006 crypto ATMs worldwide, the United States is responsible for 29.996, or a whopping 90% of the total amount. Neighbouring Canada comes in second, with just over 2.200 crypto ATMs, while Europe is third with 1384 devices.

Not surprisingly at all, El Salvador is one of the leaders in this category, with 205 crypto ATMs.

Consequently, this number puts El Salvador ahead of countries such as Austria (142) and Spain (200), which is no surprise considering that El Salvador is the first to officially recognize bitcoin as an official currency.

Consequently, due to this increasing demand for crypto ATMs, the number of companies in this sector is exponentially growing.

Who Makes The Crypto ATMs

With that being said, the number one manufacturer of such machines is Genesis Coin with just short of 14.000 crypto ATMs.

Number two is reserved for General Bytes with something over 7.500 ATMs, while third place is for Bitaccess with 5.000 machines.

The fourth and fifth place is reserved for Bitstop and Coinsource, with both manufacturers owning around 2.000 crypto ATMs.

Furthermore, the data shows that more than 6.000 businesses worldwide operate with crypto ATMs. However, out of this total number, 10 operators are responsible for running 70% of the crypto ATMs.

The top three companies in this department are Bitcoin Depot with 6.600 ATMs, Coincloud 4.600 and Coinflip around 3.500.

The huge popularity of crypto ATMs is so evident, that in 2020 there were less than 13.000 bitcoin devices, and just one year later that number is 34.006.

And if we take into account the predictions that crypto will only grow in 2022, then we can definitely expect this number to substantially increase in the upcoming year.



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